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Most people believe that the only way to safely purify the water in your pool or spa is through the use of chlorine, ozone or other hazardous chemicals. Nothing could be futher from the truth. Salt  water pools are not the answer. Salt water systems make chlorine. It is posible to have a healhty chlorine free pool with no toxic chemicals.

                                CHLORINE FREE POOL

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Chlorine Free Pool has been purifying water in pools and spas, salt water and chlorine free without the hazards and problems associated with chemical sanitizers for over 20 years. CL Free manufactures a full line of

  cost salt water swimming pools products specially designed to purify water, even better than chlorine, without adding any dangerous or toxic chemicals to your water.

 Chlorine Free Pool's and spa purification products allow pool and spa owners to enjoy the feel of chlorine free, salt water free purified water. That's right, no burning eyes, no dried out hair, no cloudy water, and no toxic smell. Your swimming pool or spa will have pure, crystal clear, chlorine free pool water that requires a lot less effort and cost.


CL Free  water purification products are also used for the control of legionella
and other bacteria, algaes and fungi in a variety of commercial applications including cooling towers, commercial food preparation, golf course irrigation and many other agricultural applications.
Chlorine  Free Pool  systems also prevent calcium scales from forming in pools and spas where the water is high in calcium, unlike salt water pools.
With over 15,000 satisfied customers worldwide. Additionally, all of our salt water, chlorine free  residential and pool/spa products carry a 5-year warranty.
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