Chlorine Free Swimming Pools

Operation Requires only 5 Minutes Per Week


Operation of the Chlorine Free Pool consists of performing weekly tests of the water’s copper ion level and pH. If ionization is needed, the switch on the front of the control box will need to be switched to ionization until the copper level reaches the desired level. At that time, the user should switch the unit from ionization to oxidation.

Some spa owners may only need to provide ionization once per month.

Pool owners who may be away from their home for extended periods may benefit from the Programmable System. The Programmable System allows the ionization and oxidation cycles to be programmed into the controller, so the cycles turn on and off at the same times each week. This allows the pool to be properly ionized and oxidized while you are away from home.

All  Chlorine Free Pool systems are easy to learn how to operate. The best way to learn is to either read the owners manual or simply call 1-419-367-0509 and tell the technician that you recently purchased an CL Free system and you need to learn how to properly operate the system. Our toll-free technical support is available six days a week to help you with any issues that may arise.

If you are experiencing any problems with your pool, our technicians are available to help. The Chlorine Free pool systems are designed so that any problems with the units can be diagnosed over the phone. There is no need for expensive service calls to troubleshoot or repair CL Free systems. If a component fails, we will simply ship you a new one and you will ship the defective one back.

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