Benefits and Testimonials
  1. Chlorine Free Pool owners save time & money

    by not having to purchase and add chemicals to their pool or spa to sanitize the water. And it is healty. Unlike salt water pools.
  2. The pool or spa water does not burn swimmer’s eyes, dry out their skin,
    damage their hair or ruin their swim wear.
  3.  Chlorine  Free Pool's swimming pool and spa systems eliminate scaling and stains caused by
    calcium and chemicals.
  4. Swimmers do not need to shower or shampoo to remove chlorine or other sanitizing chemicals from their hair and skin after swimming.
  5. Chlorine Free Pools's  chemical-free, non chlorine treated pool and spa water is a far healthier than chlorine, salt or other chemical sanitizers.
  6.  CL Free treated pool and spa water does not produce annoying odors
    and tastes.
  7. The  Chlorine Free Pool systems require only a few minutes each week to properly maintain the water quality.
  8. Water quality is easier to maintain using an CL Free  pool than using chemicals.
  9.  Chlorine Free pool and spa systems can be easily installed by the homeowner
    or a pool professional in less than thirty minutes.
  10. The Chlorine Free Pool  systems only requires pool pumps to be operated 6-10 hours
    per day salt water pools 24 hours.
  11. The CL Free  systems have very low operating costs - less than $1 per month.
  12.  Chlorine  Free Pool provides free toll-free customer assistance 6 days per week.





I purchased the Chlorine Free Pool this year for our in ground pool. After reading it in an advertisement, I was curious. Not using chlorine sounded great. After learning more from the dealer, I was convinced to try it on the 60-day money back guarantee. There was a difference. The water made our skin softer and the children enjoyed the water without chlorine. They stayed in longer and didn't mind opening their eyes. Even my son's friends at the ages of 10 commented on the chlorine free water. My daughter started bringing goggles to her friend's pool because of the chlorine.

At the beginning it was a change to get used to the system. I phoned the toll-free number and the service was always friendly and helpful. When the 60-days were coming to an end, the choice was obvious. My wife and I decided to keep it. Our children were enjoying their swim and in the long run it is better for our health.

The Camick family

Thank you so very much for all your patience with me regarding the Chlorine Free Pool pool system. I am so excited about your products. Think about all the pollution we are reducing by not pouring tons of chemicals into our pools, thus preserving the health of our lives, our children's life, our wildlife and the future of our planet.

Your integrity as a company really shines through. You are there when we need you. It is noticed and - surely - it is appreciated. Thanks again. It's been great discovering Chlorine Free Pool’s pool system.

Lisa Mitchell-Witchell
Minneapolis, Minnesota

We love our Pool system because the water has a fresh natural smell, our skin is never irritated by the pool water, and showering is unnecessary after swimming. We recommend this system to anyone who is interested in high quality swimming pool water.

Jerry and Nancy Ouska
Edina, Minnesota

We have installed two of your systems, one for our well and the other to purify our pool water. We were very concerned about the quality of the water we were drinking and bathing and swimming in. We have been pleased with the clarity of the water, the taste and the assurance that we are doing what we can to insure the purity and healthfulness of the water we use. We are also very pleased with the service installing and maintaining our systems. They have been prompt and responsive to any problem.

Dave and Sylvia Phillips
Punta Gorda, Florida

We would like to tell you how much we have enjoyed our pool with the system. In the seven years we have had the pool, it has always been so easy to maintain. The difference of swimming in it compared to other types of pools sanitized with chemical products is amazing. Please see (enclosed picture) how crystal clear our pool stays with your copper ionization system.

The Ba lack Family
Cabot, AR

We bought our spa 1 year ago. After using it for 4 months I developed a bad skin problem. Sores and painful itch haunted me every minute. We were ready to sell the tub when our dealer suggested the Chlorine Free Pool system. Now the rash has gone away and we are once again enjoying our tub.

Gene M.

Enclosed you will find photographs of our Chlorine Free Pool pool conversion. They should stand as a testimonial to Chlorine Free Pool customers. We were apprehensive to try "another" pool product, but your system is easy to use and saves us money. Better yet, it has solved our ten-year battle with well water, nitrates, filtration and chemicals.

I have found you to be the most knowledgeable in pool construction and water chemistry and by far the most honest in the pool business. I'm looking forward to enjoying our Chlorine Free Pool hassle-free pool for summers to come. Thank You!

Kelley Schweitz
Stillwater, Minnesota

I have had the Chlorine Free Pool system in for 6 years and enjoy it immensely.

Keith Lange
Stamford, CT

I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how pleased we are with our new spa with the Chlorine Free Pool system that we just installed in our home.

Having had a spa in our last home, we know what an inconvenience it is to constantly have to deal with chemicals to keep the water clean. With a chemical system, you not only invest your time in maintaining the water quality, but you also have an additional financial investment for the chemicals and the hassle of having to go out and buy them.

Having the Chlorine Free Pool system installed in our spa has saved us time and unburdened us of the constant chore of measuring and adding chemicals to our water. The added bonus that we have found is our skin is so soft! In the past we've noticed a drying effect the chemically treated water would cause, but with Chlorine Free Pool, it is just the opposite. Our skin feels like we've just stepped out of a moisturizing bath.

Thank you for showing us the benefits of having an Chlorine Free Pool system installed in our spa, we'll never go back to chemicals again.

Tom LaCourt
Burnsville, MN

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